Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome 2 all, Jee Aaya Nu

Welcome to the little world of my thoughts and me...
This blog is an overdue promise to an xtra spl person of my life...."my soul friend"...I am already very late in keeping up with the promise but yes as the saying goes "Better late than never" wd have soon become never and i wd hav then becme late 2....(ouch...tht is kambal main bhigo ke ;) )...No but on a truer and sincere note this is a dedication to my bestest friend and everythng posted here will be an ode to her and a prayer that she gets all happiness and stays forever smiling happy....(ear to ear that big :D )
I have no clue what all I will be writing and how tolerable,bearable and even readable the stuff will be but I hope and I will try that u get all flavours and spices of what I am and it brings a kind of pleasant feeling that you visited my blog...
Hope to see you all...
God Bless 2 One and All

1 comment:

  1. ohh my god..!! what do i say now...!! i just love you so much..!! thankyou so very much...and welcome to blogosphere...sweetie..!!
    you are gonna me..!! :)